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When it rains it can flood and be prepared for it would be best. Water damage can create major property damage. Properties damages can get expensive make sure you have the right insurance coverage.

protect your basement

How to protect your home when it floods

We have some tips to help protect your home from major flooding.

  • Know your local flood zones – There are maps that you can find and see if your home or business is in a flood zone and this will allow for you to prepare for potential damages
  • Renovate your basement and wiring – For those that want to get ahead look at what you can do for basement waterproofing your home or foundation. See if you can raise the electrical higher so water damage doesn’t become a huge issue. You will want to make sure your sump pump is working correctly. What a sump pump does is reduces standing water. You will want to make sure you also have a backup battery for it too.
  • Check out your plumbing – make sure your plumbing system is working correctly. You want to make sure your backflow valves are working and avoid blockages in your drains. You don’t want water waste to come through your toilets or drains.
  • Install a flood alarm – This will alert you of any flooding in your home or business and even night time floods.
  • Have your drains and gutters cleaned out – keeping the drains clear will allow for rain water to keep flowing therefore it won’t rise around your house. Keep your drains in the house as clear as you can.
  • Move belongings to a higher part of the house – know how much flooding your going to get so to be on the safe side take your appliances that you can to a higher location in the house above the flood warning.
  • Know how to shut off the water and utilities safely – Water and gas don’t mix well with flooding. It can make for unsafe conditions in your home.
  • If you have any outdoor furniture you may want to store it in a secure location that’s above the flood water recommendations.

Don’t touch anything that is live to electricity when you are wet it’s dangerous and should always be avoided.

You can have a waterproofing contractor or a plumbing contractor come out to your home to show you where the water and utility shut-offs are. This works for both homes and businesses.

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